Industry Experience

Our team has successfully delivered controls & automation projects for the following industries:

  • Blanking and Stamping Press Lines
  • Control Panel Assembly Program Management for Global Vehicle Manufacturing Systems
  • Powertrain Component Casting Systems
  • Vehicle and Components Conveyor Handling Systems
  • Production Information Systems for Component Manufacturing, Vehicle Assembly and Body Shop areas

Packaging & Product Handling
  • Case, Carton, Package and Baggage Handling Systems
  • Letter Sortation Systems for Postal Delivery
  • Product Manufacturing Conveyor Systems
  • Distribution Center Conveyor Systems
  • Material Handling and Storage Systems
Food & Beverage /
Consumer Products
  • Bread and Roll Production (Proofer/Oven/Batching)
  • Cracker and Cookie Production
  • Beverage Production and Packaging
  • Ice Cream Production
  • Yogurt Packaging Lines
  • Meat Processing and By-Products Recycling Plants
  • Potato Chip Production Lines
  • Shampoo Manufacturing
  • Business and Academic Products Manufacturing
  • Wood Framing Manufacturing Systems
  • Air and Moisture Plastic Barrier Production Lines

Metal Casting & Foundry
  • Green Sand Molding Machines
  • No-Bake Molding Lines
  • Sand Delivery Systems
  • Mold Pouring and Cooling Handling Lines
  • Metal Heat Treating and Quench Systems
  • Bag House Dust Collector System


Power & Energy
  • Diesel Back-up Power Systems
  • Coal Handling
  • Coal Yard Stacker / Reclaimer Systems
  • Rail Car Dumper and Positioner Systems
  • Bag House Dust Collector Systems
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Solar & Wind Inverters